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Information Technology
This Website and the Underlying Database are Maintained by Information Technology Services.  When Contacting IT, the Following Information will be Helpful:
The Browser and Browser Version that you are using.
App = ADHWebDev12/PlumbingHVACRLookup, ADHWebTest12/PlumbingHVACRLookup, ADHWebProd12/PlumbingHVACRLookup, ADHWebProd12Ex/PlumbingHVACRLookup
DB = SQLDev14.LicensesServices, SQLTest14.LicensesServices, SQLProd14.LicensesServices
Implementation Date: 09/05/2014

The Primary Contacts are:
Bert Wells      (501) 661-2615
Allan Blackford      (501) 661-2291

The Secondary Contacts are:
Alvin Hickey      (501) 661-2027
Bruce Roberts      (501) 661-2806
Thomas Clark      (501) 661-2880
Tim Maloney      (501) 280-4832